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01.04.2017 – [micro:form]

[MICRO:FORM] pres. broadcast on vapor wave frequencies
01.04.2017 | 21:00 Uhr – Mitternacht
Toskana Therme Bad Schandau
Liquid Sound Club April 2017 - [Micro:Form] - Bad Schandau
She saw the drawing room as a pulsating flow フロー of heat emanations ranging from hot highlights to cool shadows ドロップ・シャドウ . She saw the dazzling magnetic patterns of clocks, phones テレホン , lights, and locks. She saw and recognized people by the characteristic heat patterns デコラティブ・アート radiated by their faces and bodies. She saw, around each head, an aura アウラ of the faint electromagnetic brain pattern, and sparkling through the heat radiation of each body 首足 , the everchanging tone of muscle and nerve..
(A.Bester “Tiger!Tiger!”)

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